About Us

 Mr.Krishna Bhalerao is a Director of Skaylight Online Solution Pvt.Ltd Company & Skylight NGO Consultancy, He was worked as statistical officer at Jalgaon District, Senior Asst. at Jalna district, Extention Officer at Latur District and still working in the Ministry of central government at Mumbai. He has lot of experience of working with various governmental department also he has lot of experience of government project and government, CSR and Foreign funding process. He has done MA/DBM and MBA in finance. After completing his post-graduate he was selected for statistical officer by staff selection commission and deploy at Jalgaon district as statistical office under ministry of statistics and program Implementation (MOSPI). He resigned service for preparation of UPSC exam. Along with he was cleared ACIO-II exam. He was started his work in 2015 as NGO consultant with the brand name of Skylight NGO Consultancy. Many state and central project has been sanctioned under his observation and guidance the sanctioned projects and its list have been given on this portal. He has 6 years experience of administrative work in governmental departments.

Mr.Krishna Bhalerao

CMD/Ex.Statistical Officer(Govt of India)/Main Consultant

Skylight NGO Consultancy is a registered organization under the Indian Government& Maharashtra Government Registration acts, working for providing technical & legal help for Non-Government Organizations (NGO) .Skylight NGO Consultancy is the team of professionally recognized and well experienced NGO consulting service provider consultants in Maharashtra.It is a group of dedicated and skilled individuals delivering global services in consulting and support of NGOs. Skylight NGO Consultancy is established as a support resources center from planning to implementation of taskfor NOs/VOs/Trusts.to set up perform, keep and strengthen their existence and acquire recognition as a cartelist in the socio-economic system and society. Skylight NGO Consultancy is pertaining to the mission to help NGOs to focus more on implementing social development programs instead of chasing funds.

Skylight NGO Consultancy  is operating and practicing for NGO registration and functioning in all kind of consulting work for NGOs from initial process of planning task programing, designing plans documentation, project preparation, project submission for grants, project implementation and sustainability, it is determined in working with competence and providing quality services to NGOs, VOs, Trust.

It provide consulting services to justified NGOs and social entrepreneurs.it provides legal documentation, accreditation, information, technology, accounting, monitoring and evaluation of the planning task and implementation. Consultancy team is also dedicated in the proration of information and promotion of development efforts in response to the assistance and requirements of the under-represented and backward section of the society. Consultants who have been providing consultancy services related to NGOs, Companies, and VOs and trust various schemes and social work since 2010 at all over the Maharashtra and India. Skylight NGO Consultancy offers consultancy services including NGO registration, support for NGO funding, support in NGO grants, project drafting for funds from various resources e.g. Government/CSR/FCRA etc. Whole documentation of NGOs and Trust like Registration, fund raising, project management, audit reports, Annual reports, Amendments of the trust societies, change reports of NGOs etc. Skylight NGO Consultancy has been creating networking between social activities, social workers, volunteers, social groups, NGO supporting agencies and supporters.

Social activists and social entrepreneurs who are willing to do social service and having an intention to improve the society are provided assistance with the registration of NGO, formation and management of NGOs in accordance with the various legal process as trust registration, society registration etc. Skylight NGO Consultancy provides consultation which includes project reports, effective methods of fund collection, preparation of annual reports and all kind of documentation along with implementation and legal services.

The experienced team provides essential and legal consulting services to all the eligible NGOs. Consultancy services is available to any recognized NGO. Even it is working India’s remote villages and towns. Skylight has experienced consultants in all over India and co-ordination.We have good and successful track record.90 % project of our consultation has been sanctioned.

As we have experienced in working with various kind of NGOs/Trusts/VOs/ and other social organization for several years, one thing is very clear that lot of NGOs are doing very good work

But they are unable to maintain proper organized records and documentation of the work done by them. Hence some of them are not able to complete the formalities and procedures required for getting legal recognition and grants from some government offices.as they are not able to complete the proper documentation of their NGOs/Trusts and have not systematic management of the NGO.regardless  of their good intentions and good motives they eventually face a situation when they require funds from funding agencies and government  ministries and they are not able to do so.in this manner they faces lot of problems in social works and it became hard to run the institution NGOs with limited resources

Members in contact with us realized that there is a need for advice and consultancy so that NGOs can proceed with their agenda and achieve their goals. Formation and management of NGOs is a task related social welfare in which organizations are to serve them the society. Grassroots level NGOs working on small scale as well as large scale which work for upliftment of underprivileged section of the society often need funding for lot of issues and projects, for that reason we have good solution for them.

Mission of the consultancy:
Our mission is to help NGOs focus more on the implementation of programmes rather than chasing funds. We understand that NGOs are crucial to the success of our country. Raising funds to sustain NGO should not dominate precious time and energy. We will help make your fundraising experience fun and exciting, something that both you and your supporters will look forward to each year.